1.)     Q: Does the District grade roads?
          A:  No, FWCD only maintains roads to the degree necessary to preform ditch maintenance. FWCD has a Intergovernmental agreement with Indian River County Road and Bridge to maintain certain roads.


2.)      Q: Who grades roads?
           A:  Indian River County Road and Bridge. 772-770-5085
               Attorney General Opinion:  Click to read

3.)    Q: Does FWCD provide driveway culverts?
         A: No. All driveway culverts are owned by Landowners and also secondary drainage pipes are owned by Landowners.

4.)    Q: How often does FWCD maintain ditch spraying?
        A: Twice a year for aquatic right-of-way spraying and once every 5 years for the flow sections of canal are cleaned  mechanically by rubber tire backhoe. Not for aesthetic reason. 

5.)   Q: I pay taxes to the County, how come my road isn't being graded?
        A. The lands within FWCD is a circa 1911 subdivision called Fellsmere Farms Subdivision that was never turned over to the County for road maintenance accept for the small subdivision of Tropical Village. FWCD does not collect a tax to maintain               roads. It only collects a non ad- valorem assessment for administration of the District and Maintenance of Canal System.
        Attorney General opinion regarding powers of FWCD to maintain Roads.

Click to read

6.)    Q: On the Trim notice where is the FWCD tax?
         A. Under special districts FFD. It is a non ad valorem assessment. (drainage)

7.)    Q: Why does the District dispose of spoil material from the canals on the ditch bank:?
       A:  FWCD is permitted for ditch bank disposal by Florida Department of Environmental Protection and that is the method  used by the District. To truck the material from the site would be not efficient and be more costly for disposal at the landfill because of the weight of the wet material, also the distance to the landfill. The District does not own a dump truck or  have  an employee to operate it. At present to keep the assessment the same the District will continue this practice.

8.)    Q: It's raining and my property is flooding. Can you open the gates?
        A: in the non-agricultural area there are no pumps or gates. Everything is drained by gravity to the Indian River Lagoon through Fellsmere Main Canal to the north fork of St. Sebastian River to Indian River Lagoon.

9.)    Q: How come I can't plant trees or flowers on my canal bank?
        A: Anything done on or within the District's right-of-way must be done by a permit. The District does not allow planting on  right-of-ways owned in fee simple title by the District.

10.)  Q: How much do permits cost?
        A:  Driveway culverts and secondary drainage culverts are $100.00. All other permits that require an Engineer is $1,000.00. Unused funds will be returned to permittee.

11.)  Q: What do you spray in the Ditches? Will it hurt my fish or pets?
         A: No it will not hurt your fish or pets. The Chemical is EPA and FDEP approved and permitted. All applications are by  licensed  professional applicators.

12.)   Q: Does the spray that you spray in the ditches kill mosquito's?
         A:  No. All mosquito spraying is done by Indian River mosquito Control District.

13.)   Q: I have a gator in my pond. What do I do?
         A: Call Florida Wildlife Commission. 866-392-4286

14.) Q: Who owns culverts under Broadway at New York Street?
        A:  The City of Fellsmere

15).  Q.  Who drills wells?  
        A:  Walter Herndon  772-571-0324

16.)  Q.  I need heavy equipment work done?  
        A:  see web site permits

17.)  Q.  Who is the Registered Agent and Records Custodian?   
        A:  Rodney Tillman

18.)  Q.  Map of the City of Fellsmere Ditch locations? 
        A:  City of Fellsmere Map Click Here
19.) Q:   Does FWCD spot clean or clean the entire canal? 
       A:   The District cleans the system as required, for example if there were Hydrilla in the ditch the District would remove all of the Hydrilla by ditch bank disposal that would be required to open the flow section of the canal.  Normally FWCD because of financial reasons only spot cleans canals to keep the flow section of the canal open. At present, the landowners of FWCD enjoy one of the lowest assessment rates for water control districts in Indian River County. For the District to wholesale clean canals and truck the debris to the landfill would triple the amount of the assessments now paid. The District can no longer deposit the fill along the Park Lateral Canal because Indian River County Department of Health considers that a landfill and cites the District with fines.  The District by St Johns rules and the Florida Administrative Code can only remove one foot of debris from the bottom of the canal. Most ditches have been over dug below the culverts and the District can not take them any deeper. This historical over digging has caused water to remain in the areas between the culverts.  

20.)  Deep wells that Leak:
        Call Tom Terrell-- SJRWMD  321-984-4940
               Todd Tardif -- Indian River County Storm Water  772-473-0666
               Gardner Strasser--  Consultant for repairs