Wrong Secondary Drainage 

Landowner's Responsibility

Secondary Drainage is the responsibility of the Landowners, whether a city lot, 5 acre tract or 5,000 acre farm. 

Secondary Drainage is the drainage from the Landowner's property to the District sub-lateral system. In the case of the land within the City of Fellsmere there are two types of secondary drainage.

1. The city swale system to the District's sub-laterals.
2. The Landowners system to the Cities swale system and then to the District sub laterals.

All Secondary drainage must enter the District system via culvert or pipe from your property.


For all new development projects (exempting single family residents), a stormwater discharge limitation of 2 inches / 24 hours for a 25 year- 24 hour storm event shall be provided.

Utility Crossings:

Aerial crossings a minimum of 45 feet clearance shall be maintained between canal maintenance berm surface and the lowest electrical conductor.

No flap gates or back flow preventer's are permitted on outfall discharge pipe or structures.

All culverts, fences, utilities that cross over/under or through the District right-of-way must be permitted through the District office.

The District
does not provide culverts or bridges across its rights-of-way. This is the responsibility of the Landowners.

Correct Secondary Drainage

Landowner's Responsibility