The District is divided into two geographic areas; pumped discharge and gravity drained areas. 

The pumped area is 17,559 acres. It discharges into both St. Johns Water Management Area and Blue Cypress Water Management Area.  This area encompasses Fellsmere Farms and Berry Groves (now FJV, LLC). 
PLUGS:  Main Canal has a plug at the Railroad. Lateral U has a plug at Sub-Lateral 20. Park Lateral has a plug at Sub-lateral 24. The plugs in Laterals U and Park Lateral have the ability to discharge ¼ acre inch of water as all other landowners in the District. That equates to 1/4 inch of water lying on 1 acre of land. Normally, they are not open to well past storm peaks to avoid pumping outside water through their systems. 

Pump Station at Lateral S in pumped area 150,000 gpm.


Gravity Drained area:

The remaining 11,513 acres drains by gravity to the Indian River Lagoon via the Main Canal, North Fork of and the St. Sebastian River. All of you who live in the Fellsmere area, live in the Gravity Drainage area. At this time, there are no control structures or flood gates between your property and the I.R. Lagoon. There is a silt/salinity weir at the east end of the Main Canal with a fixed bottom elevation of 2 feet above Sea Level, to prevent salt water intrusion back into the Main Canal.

       Q:   Does FWCD spot clean or clean the entire canal? 
       A:   The District cleans the system as required, for example if there were Hydrilla in the ditch the District would remove all of the Hydrilla by ditch bank disposal that would be required to open the flow section of the canal.  Normally FWCD because of financial reasons only spot cleans canals to keep the flow section of the canal open. For the District to wholesale clean canals and truck the debris to the landfill would triple the amount of the assessments now paid. The District can no longer deposit the fill along the Park Lateral Canal because Indian River County Department of Health considers that a landfill and cites the District with fines.  The District by St Johns rules and the Florida Administrative Code can only remove one foot of debris from the bottom of the canal. Most ditches have been over dug below the culverts and the District can not take them any deeper. This historical over digging has caused water to remain in the areas between the culverts.  


Fellsmere Weir at Convergence with C-54 at North Fork St. Sebastian River. Water flows over the Weir at elevation 2' msl.